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Published December 23,2020 by Tvisha Technologies

3 Voice Technology for Online Food Ordering and Restaurants

During this critical Covid-19 moment, online ordering and home delivery have become the most dependable and safe service for both Restaurants and customers. The Voice recognition software has made it more reliable for those people who don’t intend to move their finger on the screen of mobile or who’s not much literate to understand all the English words.

Which technologies are the best Voice detection software?

Now, these days, people can use the latest technology-based Voice recognition software instead of using landline, mobile or internet media to order their food or book reservations. At present, Google voice, Alexa, and Siri are the best three latest technologies for voice order booking sites.

The reasons why the use of voice ordering software

The key constituent in these revolutions was the improvement in interaction technologies, which facilitated information to run between customers and business service providers. Typing work will be nil and all skill level people can book their order, shopping, and other online services effortlessly.

How to book Foods through voice Order processing Software?

Mainly, three parties are acted in this whole transaction such as:

  • The first one is the client who starts the buying request for a product or service.
  • The second one is the right application software to conduct the transaction, such as the Google voice application.
  • The third one is the basic service provider, which is a food supplier or restaurant.

The smart advanced speakers are essential to go ahead for placing an order or search option, but, the drawback of this technology is that several restaurants do not possess this technology in their websites. One of the confronts for the industry has been to make sure that voice ordering application for restaurant management software is more extensively spread within the broad horizons so that there are no issues at all with unsuited technologies.

As per the latest survey, it’s found that more than 60% of SmartPhone users use this technology to place online orders for food deliveries and room bookings. Before this survey, people should understand the real-time benefits of this voice recognition software application. Among these applications, Google voice assistant has achieved popularity by helping all users to reach out to all kinds of food suppliers either restaurants or private service providers in a row.

During this critical Covid-19 moment, online ordering and home delivery have become the most dependable and safe service for both Restaurants and customers. The Voice recognition software has made it more reliable for those people who don't intend to move their finger on the screen of mobile or who are not much literate to understand all the English words.

What issues may be created with voice application software?

After a number of benefits, there have been some teething issues in incorporating order management software in this industry as some companies were just not satisfactorily prepared for the alterations that had to be implemented to get this work done. Some probable issues are narrated as follows

The first issue is the limitation of infrastructure is the main issue that can facilitate customers to make orders instantly and the audit or control of the whole process may be a big issue.

The second issue is concerned with the requirement of connection with customers effectively so that they were not jammed off by the technologies triggers or limitations, and this is essential to change how they place orders for meals or room booking.

How mobile app development agencies can help out?

All the above issues would be overcome by the smart planning of the mobile app development company. Many top restaurant chains are incorporating this technology into their websites like a digital service provider app. We can take examples of some active famous brands like Denny’s, and Domino’s Pizza. Through chatbots, the users can get instant support from the customer support desk.

Often, the mobile app developers tend to make the food delivery app development so effective that the customer shouldn’t go back because of the technical drawbacks. Both the AI-based chatbots and voice application fulfills the need of SmartPhone users.

Some of the famous companies have been capable to attain complete integration, which facilitates customers to enjoy smooth voice shopping with Alexa and Siri. Because of the Covid-19, mainly the higher rent-paying physical restaurants and fast food shops have been suffering a lot without income or low selling volume. Implementation of Alexa and Siri application to their website, it might be helpful for all kind of customer to place their order without typing skills or language skills.

Voice skill powered kiosks

In this context, the Voice powered kiosks helps out customers to place an order and pay at limited-service restaurants independently. Where there is no option for human communication, Alexa’s Drop-In feature assists users to check out the health of people even in the isolation stage.

Brand experience improvement

This voice skill can help in improving customer engagement and improving brand experience continuously. Getting more loyal customers to your brand is easier where all are crying for the same to have happened.


Hence, Not only restaurant mobile apps or food shopping apps, voice skills can be a consent to emphasize the overall consumer experience for any industry like food and beverage, online shopping, travel & transport, entertainment, or fitness. Alexa skills development will certainly push up the user experience to the next step. Do you have such kind of need? Contact us for your requirement and stay ahead of your competitors.

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